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JOY [Oct. 27th, 2009|02:27 am]
My replacement copy of Baldur's Gate has arrived.  I may never leave my computer again.

One Piece is adorkable.  Castle is the second-greatest Nathan Fillion show of all time.  And I remain confused about how I can be so excited about individual games in HnG when I don't understand the slightest thing about Go.  I mean, I just re-watched the Road to the Hokuto Cup special, and I, like, vibrate when Hikaru plays Yashiro.

I was pondering Hikago, actually, and remembered that someone mentioned that the writer said Isumi was furthest (of the main group of pros, I'm assuming) from reaching the Hand of God.  I can only conclude that, given the heavy emphasis on rivalry in the show, what's holding him back is that he doesn't have that kind of relationship with anyone.  I mean, there's Akira and Hikaru, Touya Kouyo and Sai, Waya and Ochi, and--to an extent--Kuwabara and Ogata.  And then there's Isumi, who battles it out with...Le Ping.  For five seconds.

Have found supernatural historical romance thingy that is providing me with endless amusement.  The heroine totally kills a vampire with her parasol.  In a library.  At a party.  So freaking fun.

[User Picture]From: opalish
2009-10-27 08:25 am (UTC)
The over-dramatic music and the SPEED LINES. I cracked the hell up the first time I saw 'em. Placing stones on a board is hardcore.
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