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[Aug. 13th, 2009|05:34 pm]
Man. Just when I get to the point where I honestly think I want Roy and Riza to be platonic life-mates and nothing more, another chapter comes out and Roy's all, 'Screw you, Fullmetal, MY LIEUTENANT saved me'. And Riza's all *eyeroll*. My god, I cannot love them more. Also, Izumi and Olivier teaming up to fight crime? A match made in buttock-prodding heaven, my friends.

Have finished reading D.Gray-Man, and I gotta say, it's a lot of fun. And one of the few fandoms I've come across where I don't actually want to ship the main characters all that much. Of course, as far as background pairings go, I'm for FouBak and ReeverKomui all the freaking way, my friends. Mmm, Komui.

Still trying to figure out why I adore Gundam Wing. I mean, it lacks most of the elements that normally appeal to me--there isn't all that much humor, it takes itself too seriously, and the characters are pretty much on their own. The rare collaboration between pilots (or Noin and Sally, OMG) is awesome, but an undying sign of affection between the guys is basically one of them refraining from killing another. Then again, it's fascinating just for having characters who make fatal mistakes and who are shown repeatedly as being, essentially, vulnerable and traumatized children caught up in something they don't understand. A disturbingly common theme of a lot of pop entertainment is 'teenagers saving the universe'; Gundam Wing is one of the few shows where they occasionally illustrate how damn twisted that is.

I've finally gotten around to reading Pratchett's 'Nation'. Haven't finished yet, but I'm enjoying it, even if it hasn't exactly knocked my socks off. Daphne didn't really feel real to me until the scene with the mutineers--before that, she just felt like a template for 'young but strong female character'. However, I've always thought that Mau is awesome beyond the telling. I look forward to seeing how it ends, and I kind of hope the ending's not totally happy, because that wouldn't feel right, given the premise of the whole thing.

Psych is back on. My life is now ninety times better than it was a week ago. REJOICE.